Wheel Emulators

I am pleased to be able to offer an Emulator for Fanatec wheelbases.

By emulating a Fanatec Formula wheel this device makes the wheelbase provide force feedback, which it normally does not if it does not detect a Fanatec wheel rim.

The Emulator V5 and V5b works properly with the Fanatec wheel bases including...

  • Podium DD1 and DD2
  • CSW all versions 1, 2 and 2.5
  • CSL Elite Xbox and PS4 versions
  • Older CSL
  • CSL DD

Please select the Emulator product and add a quick release if you don't already have one.

My product is only offered as a simple option to allow force feedback, it is not meant as competiotion to the Fanatec Podium or Universal Hub.  Although I have added the ability to add a few buttons, shifters and a Hat Switch I do not provide ready made solutions for this.  I offer a few cables and parts so that you can design and build your own solutions, I am unable to offer any support on this... buttons etc are very much DIY.

You can find the DIY pin out connection details here (click on the links):

I only support these products for use on PC based systems, I do not have consoles or know if the product will work on them, so please only buy for use on a PC unless you are willing to take a chance.

Size comparison...

The height of the emulator compared to the Fanatec Podium hub - this includes the QR

  • Fanatec Podium Hub: 113mm
  • SRM Emulator with New Style QR: 97mm
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Used SRM Emulator with Red Old Style QR


Fanatec ClubSport Button Cluster Pack


Shaft adapter for Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel Base


Emulator V5 Hat Switch


Male pin part for Fanatec wheel side


SRM Emulator Special For LeoXZ XF1 Wheel (Fanatec)