Warranty policy


Sim Racing machines is a small one-man business, so warranty is a difficult thing for me to handle. I can assure you that I make my products to the highest standards I can. If you have any issue with one of my products, firstly I want to apologise and assure you that I will always try to help regardless of the product age and if you brought it from me direct or not.

Because I must cover myself a little, I limit warranty cover on the kits and wheels I sell for 6 months after the date of shipping.

I will only cover consumable items including the USB cables for 30 days from shipping because they do wear out. Spares are available in the shop.

I reserve the right to offer warranty after the above time scales as good will... It is always worth contacting me if you have a problem... I will always try and help.

As I am in the United Kingdom, please be aware that global warranty claims can be complicated. I hope you can understand this when purchasing a product. I sell product all over the world.

Simon Maltby