SRM Gear Shifter Set

Unlike other shifters available at the moment ours can be customised, upgraded and parts can be replaced.  Most shifters are sealed and it is not easy to replace parts.  Our shifters can be opened up easily and most parts can be replaced.

Beautifully made from Aluminium which is lightly sandblasted before being anodised to give the highest quality finish.

Mixture of materials. Get the best of both Carbon Fibre and Aluminium by choosing the combination you like best.  Many of our customers prefer the feel and properties of Carbon fibre which is why we have developed these shifters so that they can have a Carbon Fibre or Aluminium arm which is really easy to change over.

Dual buttons on a custom PCB.  Using dual buttons inside the shifter ensures that the arm will not rock from side to side, it also provides redundancy.  The buttons we use are mechanically rated at 1,000,000 clicks and even when they wear out, you can simply replace the PCB with a new one from our spare parts catalogue.

Can be used on most wheels including custom builds and most Fanatec wheels with our custom mounting adapter.

 (I have just been testing the Fanatec mounting and it needs a few changes from the first parts I had made.  I have ordered new parts which are due late May 2021.  These parts hve been tested on the Fanatec Formula, Formula V2, BMW GT2, Porsche 918, Universal Hub and Podium Hub.  They are really easy to fit and work perfectly.  This is the first time I have been able to offer full shifters for the BMW and Porsche wheel :) )


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SRM Shifter mount for AccuForce Button Box


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