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A work of art
Simon, this is a work of art! It installed together absolutely like a glove with all the buttons including the D-pad working flawlessly.
Thanks for a great product and even better service.

Bert | 14/07/2017 14:22
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Awesome Hardware and Amazing Service
I have nothing but great things to say about Simon at SRM. Promptly answered all my questions. The Direct Drive - Fanatec Wheel side conversion kit was packaged nicely and professionally. All the parts needed to do the complete install were inside the box. Instructions were emailed to me and easy to read and understand. Will be ordering a few more items from SRM in the near future!
Sergio | 15/08/2017 13:52
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Quality and Easy to use.
Fantastic quality. Truly plug and play. Just mount this between the Simracingbay/Fanatec quick release and the shaftmount adaptor and thats it. Connect your wheel and everything works just as it should when using with Fanaleds. If your thinking about taking the next step up from consumer wheels and getting into an OSW, this adaptor combined with the Fanatec CSW/Uni Hub gives plenty of options for different rims at a great price point.
Mike | 06/09/2017 02:46
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Final Piece of the puzzle
Moving from a Fanatec to an OSW SRB system was easy and a lot less expensive with this kit.

Great quality and easy to install!! Works like a charm.
Laine | 14/11/2017 16:52
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Awesome kit
This is awesome kit. The quality is also wonderful.
I connected to the PC with Fanatec Universal Hub for Xbox One and recognized it without problems.
Thanks you.
Yoichiro | 01/12/2017 12:08
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Great Company To Do Business With !!!!!!!
I had to share this because ya'll need to know what a great company this is.
I bought one of the original types last July.  I had some issues that  Simon patiently walked me thru.
Recently I started having issues again and got in touch with Simon.
In stead of having me try a hundred different things and assuming there was nothing wrong with his product, he kindly offered to sent me a new unit at no charge.
In addition, this replacement was one of the new upgraded versions!!!!!!!
We need to spread the word on SRM.  Simon is very customer focused and I would endorse any of his products.
Thanks again Simon

Dennis | 23/12/2017 17:47
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Totally AMAZING!
I wanted to write this review sooner, but here i am.
First of all i want to say thank you to Simon, seriously, hands down this is the best customer service i have ever received, i've ordered lots and lots of things online, and never had a support reply so fast in my life.  And Simon even redesigned this item for me to resolve my issues and sent to me.  I don't think i will ever find this kind of customer service anywhere else.  Thank you Simon again.

Onto the conversion kit, honestly, i've read a lot on the forums prior to building my OSW.  There are some forums that show the process, however getting a fanatec female pin adapter without buying a fanatec wheel base is impossible. even if you do have a adapter, after buying the circuit board, housing piece and all the other stuff, the price isnt that much cheaper.  If I'm already spending $3k on osw, fanatec wheel + HE pedals, might as well just buy this to save yourself the hassle of programming and soldering, its simple as plug in and play. very sturdy, well made.
I highly recommand this to anyone.  I dont think anyone else makes this, thanks to Simon again to make the fanatec wheel for OSW possible.
sida | 18/01/2018 15:50
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Outstandig service and a great product
Simons customer service is outstanding. He promtly answers all questions and has that little extra that make you feel valued as a customer.
This kit is really well made. The machining is top notch and everything just works right out of the box.
I am glad I bought this instead of sourcing parts for a DIY that would never have been as streamlined as this kit.

Eigil | 19/04/2018 21:52
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Wheel Base Side Kit
Really, really well made conversion kit. No welding or cutting required.

Simon is no less than a pleasure to deal with and will ensure you are buying the right product you need.

Allister | 06/09/2018 20:44
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Excellent Product and support!
Thank you Simon for the for the excellent product and support.
Bruce | 17/09/2018 18:20
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Everybody with an OSW should have this
Excellent machining, easy to install and works great.
Simon responds extremely fast to inquires and questions.
Best service for a great product.
Christian | 16/02/2019 15:27
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Perfect for your original Fanatec wheels
I bought this conversion kit because I want to keep my 4 Fanatec wheels original.
It is really perfect; mount and go!
Exceeds expectations. Perfect fit on my new OSW motor.
No complains from any game (so far).
I can recommend this to anyone wanting to use their Fanatec wheels on non-Fanatec motors.
Shipping is fast.
Ruud | 16/04/2019 17:39
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It’s the whole package!
This product is so well made.   The service is second to none.  The boss I also baught is spot on as good if not better fit than the factory Fanatec product.   A great way to go DD with your much loved Fanatec wheel.  100% satisfied. Keenan UK
Keenan | 11/06/2020 08:35
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Very nice,perfect fit,works great.Nicely packed,fast shipping,4 days to Canada delivered.
don | 19/09/2020 03:16
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Very nice piece of hardware, nothing moves when assembled on my mige, every buttons/leds recognized as expected on a formula carbon.
Nice communication from Simon by the way, who kept me informed about little issues with EU deliveries and Brexit with GLS, he even offered another carrier at his charge.

Thank you so much for everything, I know where to go now for such quality products and customer services :).
Jérémie | 16/01/2021 00:51
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Blown away by the quality!
Ordered this Fanatec USB Conversion kit along with the Quick Release adapter and received it 2 days later. I've got to say that I'm blown away by the quality of the products, they far exceeded my expectations. I've not fitted them yet as still waiting in my new DD base but felt I had to leave positive feedback as I'm so impressed.

Simon really does offer a premier service and replies to any questions that you may have without delay. I can't recommend Sim Racing Machines enough. Thank you Simon.
Paul | 03/04/2021 14:49
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All I see and feel is QUALITY!
Awesome kit, easy to install! The quality is sublime. Shipping was also top notch!

- Super happy!
Raymon | 18/06/2021 20:30
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