Fanatec Original Pedals

Being based in the UK we understand that some people want to buy a Fanatec pedals but don't want the hassle and uncertanty of dealing with customs by importing from Germany.

As we are buying Fanatec wheels all the time for conversion to USB we are happy to order in and stock other Fanatec products as well.

Even though we buy hundreds of wheels each year from Fanatec we do not get any discount so i'm sorry there is a mark up on the prices.  We are not being greedy but need to make some profit to offer this service.

So, if you are in the UK and don't want the hassle of buying direct from Germany or you are in a country that Fanatec do not ship to, then we can help.

If there is a Fanatec product we don't have listed, we can gladly order it from Fanatec for you.

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ClubSport Pedals V3


Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 Inverted


Fanatec CSL Pedals (2 Pedal)


SALE - Fanatec CSL Pedals (2 Pedal)


Fanatec Pedal V3 Brake Performance Kit


Fanatec Pedal V3Damper Kit