Welcome to the Sim Racing Machines Web Shop

Here at Sim Racing Machines, we are passionate about sim racing.  We strive to make the most useful accessories and upgrades available for your enjoyment.  Most of the products we sell have only been developed because we wanted them for our own racing rigs.

We design all our own products and most are machined and finished by hand in our Somerset workshop.
I say "We" currently the business is just me, Simon Maltby.

Based in the UK but we are able to ship worldwide.  If the website can't cope just send a message and we will do all we can to help.

New website functions

I have now added a few extra features to the shop.

Live Chat (When I am available), Ticket system for support and questions and a forum.  You will find details in the Forum.


Thank you for browsing and hopefully, shopping with us.

To try and help with EU customers after Brexit we have teamed up with Sim Racing Shop in Germany who now stock some of our popular products