Welcome to the Sim Racing Machines Web Shop

Here at Sim Racing Machines, I am passionate about sim racing.  I strive to make the most useful accessories and upgrades available for your enjoyment.  Most of the products I sell have only been developed because I wanted them for my own racing rig.

I design all my own products in my Somerset workshop.

Based in the UK I ship worldwide.

Whats new?

My main products are based on making Fanatec steerings wheels work on other wheelbases and other steering wheels work on Fanatec wheelbases.

In late 2022 I launched a new conversion kit which is really easy to fit and does not need the wheel to be opened.  This is the 6x converson kit.

On the 28th February 2023 I have launched my new software and a major firmware update for the 5x and 6x conversion kits.

The Firmware has undergone a complete rewrite and is much more stable.

You can find the software here SRM SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD

The conversion kits now support all Fanatec steering wheels including the CSL P1 and BMW M4 GT3.  The only part ive so far been unable to get to work is the Endurance button module.

Thank you for browsing and hopefully, shopping with me.

To try and help with EU customers after Brexit I have teamed up with Sim Racing Shop in Germany who now stock some of my popular products