Xero-Play QR storage mount

A 3D printed part to help store your wheels with the HRS Xero-Play QR
Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines
Availability: 1 in stock

This product is designed to allow you to store your wheels that have the HRS Xero-Play QR safely.

The product is 3D printed in black (Other colours available by request).

After several prototypes it seems that there is no set angle to mount the HRS Xero-Play QR onto your wheel and everyone seem to have it slightly differently.  This product comes in 2 parts which bolt together and allow you to change the angle to suit your QR mounting.  It comes with 4 x M5 bolts, washers and nuts lightly attached so you can adjust before tightening.

Mounting the product to a wall or 80/20 is via 2 5.5mm diameter mounting holes.  Mounting bolts are not included as we assume everyone will mount differently.  Our own wheels are bolted to the 80/20 monitor stand behind the screen.

The mount holds the wheel at a 2 degree angle just to help keep it in place.

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