Which conversion kit?

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is - Which Fanatec conversion kit should I be ordering?

Let me try and explain.

We offer 2 conversion kits.

1. Wheel side conversion kit

This kit is fitted to each Fanatec steering wheel. So, you would order 1 kit for each wheel you want to convert.

The kit requires that you open the wheel and remove the Fanatec Quick Release and bolt on the kit in its place.

To be used where you do not have a Male Fanatec Quick Release on your wheel base / OSW / Direct drive motor side.

Best suited for the AccuForce and Q1R Quick releases, but can be used with others as well.

2. Wheel BASE side conversion kit

Do you have one of these?

Male QR

On the left is a genuine Fanatec male quick release from a Fanatec wheel base.
On the right is the Male quick release from Sim Racing Bay (Only available to order with an OSW from them).
If you have one of these male quick releases then this is the kit for you.  If not then you should be looking at the Wheel side conversion kit

This kit fits between the motor shaft and the Male Fanatec / Sim Racing Bay Quick Release.

You can use any Fanatec Club Sport wheel or the CSL P1 without any modification to the wheel at all.

Just plug the wheel into the Quick Release and use it... just like connecting your wheel to a Fanatec wheel base.

You only need 1 kit to use as many Fanatec wheels as you like.


I hope this helps you choose the kit that is right for you.  If in any doubt please make contact, I will be delighted to help guide you.

Happy racing

Simon Maltby