Wheel Emulators

I am pleased to be able to offer the new version of the Emulator

By emulating a Fanatec Formula wheel this device makes the wheel base provide force feedback, which it normally does not if it does not detect a Fanatec wheel rim.

The new Emulator works properly with the Fanatec wheel bases including...

  • Podium DD1 and DD2
  • CSW all versions 1, 2 and 2.5
  • CSL Elite Xbox and PS4 versions
  • Older CSL

You must either order the Emulator with a QR from us or have your own with the male pin plug already that you can attatch.

If you already have a Fanatec QR you can identify if it is the new or old style.  Supply of parts with the QR is limited by the availability of the QR's which we take from wheel conversions.  You can purchase a Black new style QR direct from Fanatec.

The PCB has a few pin headers that can be used for limited buttons.

  • Left and right shifters
  • Setup button
  • Hat switch (Up, Down, Left and Right)
  • Hat switch press
  • Joystick press

The buttons and shifter functionallity requires that you wire to the emulator yourself.  All we provide are the pin headers.

Pin layout and connections can be found here SRM Fanatec Emulator pins

The emulator comes with both 8 pin and 12 pin plugs for the different Fanatec QR pin versions so if you are ordering to use your own QR any version can be used.

Old or new QR?  Well there really is no difference to the QR itself, just the mounting holes and the way the pins attach to the emulator.  The new style red ones are nice as they are darker anodised inside.

Shifter and button plate option

The optional shifter and button plate is an addition that allows you to fit a set of shifters to the emulator.  The plate does not include the shifters they can be ordered here (Click me).  The button plate includes...

  • 3mm thick carbon fibre plate with m3 holes for 10mm spaced shifters
  • 3mm thick carbon fibre spacer
  • 19mm tall aluminium spacer
  • 2 buttons that act as setup and joystick press on the wheel
  • Hat switch (up, down, left, right and press)

The button plate is shown in the pictures with the Fanatec R300 wheel rim attached (shifters and the wheel are not included).  The buttons give you everything needed to control the DD1 / DD2 display or some in game functions.

Size comparison...

The height of the emulator compared to the Fanatec Podium hub - this includes the QR

  • Fanatec Podium Hub: 113mm
  • SRM Emulator with New Style QR: 97mm
  • SRM Emulator with Old Style QR: 94mm
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Emulator New Style No QR


Emulator With CSL QR


Emulator With New Style Black QR


Emulator New Style No QR or pins


Emulator No QR


SRM Shifter Arm Extension