Wheel Emulator For Fanatec Podium

Custom built wheel Emulator for the Fanatec DD1 and DD2 wheel base
Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines

This kit allows you to use any wheel on the Fanatec Podium wheel base and still use force feedback and the Fanatec setings display.

The kit uses the newer style Fanatec QR.  We supply the Male pins with the kit.

We have used the Teensy 3.2 for control of the kit which is placed in the bottom of a 3D printed enclosure.  The kit allows easy access to the flash button and conecting a USB cable for future firmware upgrades making the kit as future proof as we can.

The conversion will emulate the Fanatec Porsche wheel rim in the Fanatec control panel.

There are 6 buttons on the top of the kit that allow access and navigation of the Podium display settings.  We have also added 2 shifter plugs inside the kit so that you can add shifters to a basic wheel if needed.  The shifter plugs are the same as the standard Fanatec JST 2.0.  We can supply cables if required.

The Kit consists of the following parts

  • 3D Printed enclosure 22mm Tall
  • Steel hexagonal spacers passing right through the 3D printed enclosure for strength.
  • Fanatec QR mounting plate (Currently made from derylin. we hope to upgrade this to Aluminium soon)
  • Cover plate in 2mm Carbon Fibre
  • Fanatec Male QR stalk and pins
  • 4 M5 threaded bolt holes to allow connection of a 70mm PCD wheel.

Optional extras

  • Fanatec QR
  • Shifter mounting plate in 3mm Carbon Fibre (Includes a 10mm Aluminium spacer)
  • Mounting adapter for 50.8mm hole pattern wheels

We have tested this kit at length on our DD2 wheel base and it works perfectly.

Shifter mounting: The shifter mount allows you to add a set of our snap action shifters (Other makes may fit we use 2 x M3 10mm apart spacing).  The mount includes the plate, a 10mm aluminium spacer and a pair of cables with the correct plug for the emulator.

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