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These products will allow you to convert your Fanatec steering wheel for use on a non Fanatec wheel base.  The Fanatec steering wheels are very well made and are very popular with direct drive racers.

Our conversion kits will adapt your wheel to work via a coiled USB cable and connect directly to your PC.  No drivers are required.

The kits are designed to make it as easy as possible to convert your steering wheel.  We supply all the parts and bolts needed for the conversion, you will just need a few basic tools to fit them to your wheel.

We have been supplying conversion kits for over 3 years... these are our latest versions which build on our experience and customer feedback.

We have just started supplying version 3.2 of the conversion kit (Late September 2020).  Just a few minor changes with this new version.

  • The flash button can be pressed from outside the case.
  • A stronger plug is now on the base of the kit.



Version 3.1

We have now developed our own custom PCB for all of the conversions except the Formula V2, which uses a PCB from Leo Bodnar).  The new PCB is totally custom but still based on the Teensy 3.2.  We have designed it to conform to USB guidlines and also to keep the crystal away from the other components and USB cable which helps improve EMI issues.

Fanatec Formula wheels

We have 2 different kits avavilable, one for the older style Formula rim and one for the newer wheels based on the Formula V2.  Both kits support all the wheel functions including the display, LED's and rumble.

The Formula V2 wheels also support the Podium advanced shifter module including the clutches (Dual clutch only, no bite point control) For the Formula V2, F1 2018 LE and F1 2019 LE please purchase this kit instead rather than this one. Click here

Fanatec BMW GT2 wheel

This wheel is fully supported and out kit will allow full functioallty including the display and rumble.

Instructions for this wheel will be available soon

Porsche 918 RSR wheel

This wheel is fully supported and our kit will allow full functionallity including LED's, display and rumble.

Instructions for this wheel will be available soon

Universal Hub

The universal hub is fully supported.  All buttons, shifters and the Display will work.  You can also use the Podium Advanced Paddle Module and all 4 shifters will work together with the clutch paddles.  You will have 2 seperate clutches, or hand controls but no bite point functionallity.

The Universal Hub conversion is a little more expensive because it comes with a 15mm spacer so that the display is not blocked by the conversion kit.

Mclaren GT3 wheel V1 Not V2

Our conversion for this wheel gives full functionallity of the buttons, shifters and display.  The clutches will also work and include limited bite point functionallity.  The rotary switches work differently on the conversion with some great control enhancements including changing the button that the right toggle switch activates based on the right rotary position.

The Mclaren conversion is a little more expensive because it requires an additional mounting plate and spacer.

Incomaptible wheels

Currently our conversions are not compatible with the Podium hub or the Porsche 911 button box even on the Universal Hub.  We are working on a soloution for bot of these priducts.

Although our conversion will work eletroniaclly on the P1 and P1 Elite wheels there is no way to fit the kit or a QR onto these wheels.

USB Cable Options

All conversions come with a very high quality coiled USB cable which we have custom made.  The cables have a strong covering and are very robust.  Each cable is 5mm diameter and includes shielding and now has a gold plated USB plug.

The standard cable option will have a Male USB A plug which can be plugged directly into your PC, a USB hub or a USB extension cable.


We offer an optional DIN cable.  These use the same coiled cable but the USB A plug is replaced with a high quality, metal male pin DIN plug.  The DIN option includes a 1.5m non coiled USB cable with the Female DIN plug on one end and a Male USB A plug on the other end.  The Male and Female DIN plugs screw together making a very secure join.  Basically the DIN option is a very high quality 1.5m USB extension.

There are 2 DIN options.  Inline which is a standard female DIN plug and Panel mount which is a female plug that can be bolted into an 18mm diameter hole.  We supply an angled mounting bracket with the Panel mount option which can bolt to an aluminium rig.

Fitting your wheel to a wheel base

Our conversion kits come with mounting holes for most mounting solutions.

  • 6 x M5 threaded holes on 70mm PCD
  • 3 x M5 threaded holes on 50.8mm PCD
  • 3 x M5 threaded holes on 52.0mm PCD (Fanatec specific)

You can bolt the kit directly onto a wheel base plate.  If bolting direct we recomend using out 40mm spacer so that applying the bolts is easier.

All popluar quick release systems can be bolted to the conversion kit.  Please remember that 2 threaded holes cannot be bolted together.  You require one side to be threaded and the other must allow the M5 bolt to pass through.  It is very easy to drill out a threaded hole with a 5mm drill bit if needed.  We recomend that you drill the threads from the QR rather than the conversion kit where possible.

A few quick release system must be bolted from the wheel side.  For example the AccuForce QR. When you select these QR types from the options we will include our additional mounting solution system which is why there is an increased price.  this allows the QR to be fitted from the back of the wheel making it much easier.

We stock most QR systems and spacers which can be ordered with the conversion kit.


If you are in any doubt about which options to select or just want some advice, please make contact using the contact form or via direct email to

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