SRM F1 Style Wheel

Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines

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Our own take on an F1 / LMP wheel

This wheel can be supplied with either wireless for the SC2 or as USB with a coiled USB cable

This wheel is one I made for myself and use personally.

The wheel is 29cm across and uses real carbon fibre and 3D printing in its construction.

  • Assembled wheel
  • 6 buttons
  • 2 x Toggle switches
  • 1 x Rotary switch (4 positions on USB, 8 with SC2 Wireless)
  • 2 x Rotary Encoders

SC2 Wireless option.

  • SC2 Wireless module
  • 3V Camera Battery
  • On / Off switch

USB Wheel

  • Coiled USB cable with plug on the back of the wheel

The wheel uses...

  • Custom made PCB
  • Either Leo Bodnar BBI Micro board or the SC2 Wireless board
  • Custom made grips in partnership with Pineapple Grips in the UK
  • Grips can be Black or Red Faux Leather
  • 4 x Knitter buttons
  • 2 x RS buttons
  • 2 x Rocker / toggle switches
  • 12 position rotary switch (Not all 12 positions are used)
  • 2 x Rotary encoder
  • Pair of SRM magnetic shifters with Carbon arms and paddles
  • Black or Red theme throughout the wheel bolts and fittings.

The wheels are constructed using a 5mm carbon fibre front plate, 3D printed all round cover and a 3mm thick carbon fibre back plate.  Between the carbon plates are steel inserts, so the wheel has steel attaching the front to the back of the wheel and ultimately your Quick Release.  This makes it very strong.  A decorative layer of real carbon fibre is added to the top of the wheel to give a superb finish.

Currently the wheels are made to order, but I am working on having them in stock soon.

You can mount a 50.8 or 70mm PCD QR system to the wheel, but no QR is included.

Wheel shown in photos is my own wheel which is the wireless SC2 version with red grips and a red theme throughout. The Xero-Play QR on the wheel is not included.

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