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We get quite a lot of requests for upgrading magnets or replacing broken ones so have added the ability for you to order them in the shop.

These magnets are very strong and will break easily so handle them with care and don't let them sping together as they will chip or shatter.

We have to use a decent size box and packaging to ship magnets so they don't interfere with the shipping companies system.  This is why the shipping cost seems a little high... but it is neccessary.  The magnets will ship in a 160x160x10mm box and be packed in foam.

Magnets we supply on shifters are glued onto the carbon fibre using a small amount of super glue.  They will come off with a gentle tap if you need to replace them.

You can stack magnets on top of one another, so rather than changing 3mm tall magnets to 5mm tall, you can purchase a second set of 3mm tall and just add them carefully to the existing.  This gives exactly the same strength as a 6mm tall magnet would.

Magnets are supplied in sets of 4 individual magnets.

Magnets are often available on Ebay and other shops, but they are not always the same strength even if you get the same specification.  We tried many suppliers before settling on these which we think are the best.  If you do want to get them elsewhere they are 15mm diameter and N52 strength.

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