SC2 - Replacement Motor shaft adapter for Quick Release

This adapter will allow you to bolt a 70mm Quick Release, spacer or wheel directly to the SC2 Motor
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This product will allow you to replace the SC2 QR with any Quick Release or spacer based on the 6 hole 70mm PCD system.

So you can bolt the following QR system direct to the SC2 Motor (These are just a few)

  • Q1R
  • HRS Xero-Play
  • Go-Race
  • AccuForce / B-G / NRG
  • Many others

The part has been designed to be strong, with the centre diameter exactly right for the SC2 shaft clamp.  It also doubles up as a simple 40mm wheel spacer if you ever decide to remove it from the SC2 Motor shaft.

Made from Black anodised Aluminium with threaded M5 bolt holes.

Fitting is easy.

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