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Brilliant upgrade
I owned my new GT3 wheel for just over a week when the shifter rocker switch began to fail and cause miss-shifts.  After some research I found this is a common issue and major flaw with the design of this wheel, so I decided to send my wheel to Simon to upgrade to his magnetic shifters, which also fixes the problem with the original Fanatec shifter mechanism.

The quality and feel of the SRM shifters is excellent, as is the quality of Simon's work.  They look like they were part of the original wheel, with no marks or evidence of the upgrade having been done.

Hopefully this upgrade will ensure the longevity of what is otherwise a really nice GT wheel to use.
Sam | 10/05/2019 16:23
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Excellent Upgrade
Been using the Mclaren wheel for a few months, and like most of my wheels wanted to upgrade to the SRM magnetic shifters, so took the plunge and went ahead and installed them myself, it's alittle bit fiddly but take your time and along with the excellent instruction supplied all went very well, and as usual the replacement shifters are of a very high standard..
Mark | 01/08/2019 17:41
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Great build quality and easy to install.
I also had the very common and well known issue with missing shift and double shifts. I live in Bangkok and fanatec offered to repair it for me but not pay the shipping so I chose not to and bought this kit.
The installation was great, I have zero experience with electronics and I opened it up and cut of the parts necessary in 40min. I then took it to the local tv repair shop as I don’t own solder equipment, it took him about 90 sec to solder. Then it was about 15 min to put back together.

It works great and the feel is snappy and smooth and I love it. I would definitely recommend it to anybody else.
Michel | 07/09/2019 14:38
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A must have upgrade
As with many other users, I experienced missed and double shifts with the standard shifters on my McLaren GT3 rim.

Simon very kindly gave uo a lot of his personal time in order to talk me through the available options and also the fitting procedure for the upgraded units which was very reassuring.

The quality and workmanship of the shifters is outstanding and fitting them was straightforward after carefully following the step by step instructions.

I have been using these shifters for a good few months now and can honestly say I have never once experienced a problem with them. They are visually pleasing to the eye and even more importantly have a fantastic tactile feel in use.

Thank you very much Simon.
Paul | 30/09/2019 16:26
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Like all owners of Mclaren wheel, I ended up having a problem with the paddles. I had already returned 5 times the steering wheel to the support and still the same problem after a while. so I took it apart to see how the paddles worked and I was surprised and very disappointed. just metal caps attached with adhesive tape on the pcb to make contact ... the metal can only weaken and finally break ... german engineering ...
I did not want to spend an additional € 500 on a new steering wheel and I found the Gear shifter upgrade for McLaren Wheel! :).
it's worth its money! everything is carbon fiber, the manufacturing quality is perfect and the feeling is excellent. it is not comparable with the original paddles.
assembly is relatively easy, but you still need a minimum of tools. it's still basic to mount.
the paddles were shipped the same day of the order, it's very fast (it was available in stock)!
Thank you Simon for having designed this product, great work!
Matthieu | 04/07/2020 09:19
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What an incredible product!
The gear shifter upgrade for Fanatec McLaren wheel is absolutely the salvation for the very unhappy owners that had been neglected by Fanatec. The McLaren is an amazing wheel but with a problematic gear shifter that Fanatec decided not to came with a solution but SRM had the solution, the upgrade gear shifter is perfect. Fanatec should hire this company to resolve the unsolved problem with the McLaren wheel. Thank you SIM RACING MACHINES!
Ricardo | 12/09/2020 02:59
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