Porsche 918 RSR Rim converted for USB

A brand new wheel from Fanatec converted to USB
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Choose which type of USB cable.



We will purchase a brand-new wheel from Fanatec in Germany and convert it to USB for you before shipping it out.  The conversion will include the fitting of our wheel side kits.

No messing about converting your own wheel, just select this option to have one pre built and ready to race.

If not in stock there is a 2-3-day lead time for this product.

Please note that the Fanatec Quick release from the wheel is not included and will be kept by us.

USB Cable options...

The standard conversion comes with a coiled USB cable that has the normal USB type A plug.  This needs to go to your PC via an extension cable or USB Hub.

Our DIN options are a very high-quality screw together extension cable.  The coiled USB cable will have a 5-pin metal DIN plug instead of the USB A plug. You will also get a 1.5-meter-long non-coiled cable to go from the DIN plug to your PC.

You can see details of the DIN and the difference between panel mount and inline here...


Mounting your wheel...

The wheel will come as standard with our conversion fitted but no quick release or mounting.  The back of the wheel will have 6 x M5 threaded bolt holes for 70mm PCD and 3 x M5 threaded bolt holes for 50.8mm PCD.



We sell a great range or quick releases, spacers and mounting solutions. If you would like one fitted to your wheel please order it at the same time as ordering the wheel.

Our Easy Fit system allows you to bolt a threaded Quick Release to the threaded converted wheel without the need to drill out any threads.


Feel free to contact us if you are not sure or have any special requirements.

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