High quality DIN connector USB Cable

One of our quality USB cables but with professional DIN connector at one end and a standard USB cable to connect to it.
Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines

These are generally made to order, but normally ship within 24 hours.

Essentially the DIN cable is a very high quality USB extension cable using a 5 pin Lumberg DIN plug.  Comes in 2 parts.

  1. Our high quality coiled USB cable with bare wires on one end and a male DIN plug on the other end.
  2. A good quality 1.5 meter long non-coiled USB cable with a female DIN plug on one end and a standard USB Type A plug on the other end to go into the PC's USB socket.

We offer 2 types of non-coiled DIN plug...

  • In line - both male and female plugs are round and the same style
  • Panel mount - the non-coiled cable comes fitted into a right angled bracket that can be bolted to a rig.  The bracket has holes for M4 bolts which are not included.

Great quality coiled USB cable.  The covering is very robust.  The outer diameter of the coiled cable is 5mm

This cable can be used on our conversion kits or for your own projects.

We also sell the Lumberg DIN plugs and USB cable seperatly.

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