Fanatec Wheel Side QR

Used Fanatec wheel side QR
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These have seen slight use and are available as parts from wheel conversions.  Each is checked and supplied in perfect working order.

These have been taken from Formula, BMW, Porsche or Universal hubs and will not fit the McLaren GT3 (These are available direct from Fanatec).

This is the wheel side only and can be used to connect generic wheels to the Fanatec base side QR on your OSW, Bodnar DD or AccuForce.  Please be aware that if used on a Fanatec CSW wheel base you will not get any Force Feedback becuase the CSW wheel base requires a Fanatec wheel PCB to be present.

Please be advised that you may get any colour depending on stock.  Fanatec make Black, Red and Green versions.  They are alll the same except the colour.  If you have a strong preference please ask if I have that colour.

Most of these QR's do not have the cable or pins.  If these are important to you, again please ask if I have one with the pins and cable.




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