Fanatec QR Adapter

Adapts 52mm to 50.8 or 70mm New design
Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines
Availability: In stock

50.8 and 70 PCD adapter for Fanatec rims.

Ensure a proper fit for your Quick release to your wheel.  The Fanatec wheels use the 52mm 6 hole PCD format while most QR's have either a 50.8mm or 70mm PCD.

Height of this adapter is 16mm.


  • 3 x 52mm M5 tapped holes to connect to your fanatec wheel, simply using the original Fanatec QR bolts.
  • 3 x 50.8mm M5 tapped holes for fitting wheel side QR like the Q1R
  • 6 x 70mm M5 tapped holes for fitting wheel side QR like the Q1R
  • M5 hole for USB cable

This fits the all of the Fanatec CSW wheels.

Made for us by a motor sport manufaturer in the UK the adapters are machined from high quality aluminium which is anodised in black.  The finish on these parts is very high.

Can be used with the Q1R, AccuForce and just about any other QR.


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