Fanatec McLaren Wheel conversion progress update

01 May 2018



We know many of you are eagerly awaiting our conversion kit and firmware for the new Fanatec McLaren wheel.

It seems the firmware does not work if you have flashed the wheel itself via the Fanatec wheel base. 
Also this is only for the Teensy LC 

The new firmware can be downloaded from the following link 
Please be aware that we have tested the firmware and it seems ok, but there is a chance that some bugs lie hidden inside. It is officially BETA. 

The zip file contains both the old firmware, in case you need to flash back and the new firmware. 
Please read the instructions. 
Previous firmware is called SRMFanatecFirmware_01022018.hex 
The new firmware is called SRMFanatecFirmware_04052018.hex 

I have published a blog on the shop from the creator of the firmware, Darknao, which will help you use some of the functions on the wheel.

UPDATE 19th May 2018

Ok I think we are there at last.  A few things have changed in the last 48 hours and I finally think I have a good solution for the conversion.

I was so hung up on avoiding taking the wheel apart that I was causing all sorts of other problems, Thanks to Anreeas for making me re-think this approach.

So, the design will not include the pin plug anymore because if that is removed from the wheel we can dramatically shorten the distance from wheel to QR. Also there will be no cutting kit option.  The kit will just be a single design and will involve opening the wheel to change the cable and mounting the kit in place of the Fanatec QR.

The kit will comprise of a mounting plate bolted to a spacer and then to the existing Fanatec conversion kit.

I am waiting for delivery of some spacers and bolts which are due today, but starting to look like they will be delayed until Monday.  I hope to have a kit ready later today and mounted on my wheel.  When that is done and everything is tested, I will open up the shop for orders... so hopefully later today or worst case Monday.



Update 17th May 2018

Appologies for the slow progress with the conversion kit.

One problem that we did not forsee was the plastic stalk on the wheel for the QR electronics and this is causing some serious headaches.

The aim is to offer 2 different kits.  One that will require that you cut the stalk off the wheel using a dremil.  The other will be supplied with a steering boss / spacer so that the wheel does not need to be damaged at all.

The kit requiring cutting the wheel is all ready... I am just waiting for a wheel from a customer so that I can document the cutting and fitting instructions before I offer it for sale.  The only downsides with this kit are the cutting and that the AccuForce / B-G QR's are really hard to fit.

The kit with the spacer is still causing issues... the spacers are just not quite long enough, at least the ones we can buy cheaply enough.  I have requested some quotes for making a bespoke part for this and in the mean time am continuing to try and make it work with cost effective parts. The downside with this kit are that the wheel ends up about 60mm further from the wheel base than is ideal.

It would be a great help to have some feedback via the comments about which type of conversion you would like personally.  This will help me direct my time to the most popular solution.  Also would you like to be able to pre order now.


Update 4th May 2018

We now have working firmware for the McLaren wheel. Darknao has done a great job and added some great functionallty including the clutch bit point.

Today we instructed our supplier to make the wheel adapters for us, but they have quoted 6 weeks unfortunatly.  We can machine a limited quantity ourselves but they will be in bare silver Aluminium.

Also the pin adapter option prototype has been tested and is working well.  This will allow you to just plug the conversion kit into the Fanatec QR plug rather than opening up the wheel and changing the lead on the PCB.

Now for the bad news.  I am away for a week from today so will not be able to get the kit up for sale until i'm back on the 15th May.  Sorry about this!

Plea: It would be really useful if a couple of people in the UK would be prepared to send us your Mclaren wheel so that we can do the conversion and double check everything works and document the process.  If anyone would be interested in this please can you make contact to


Previous Updates...

As of the 1st May 2018 we are making good progress, but things are not yet ready.

We have a prototype QR mounting adapter which is about to start manufacture in the next few days.

Darknao is working on the firmware and has already made great progress. We have a beta version that allows the following to work


All Buttons

Toggle switches

Hat Switch and rotary

One of the 3 rotary switches

The clutch paddles (As 2 separate clutches or hand controls - No bit point function)

Some basic display functions.

In summary, we will definitely be able to offer a kit for sale and supply upgraded firmware for the Base Side Kit.

The only difficult part of the conversion kit is that you are going to have to cut part of the wheel.  The QR plug is on a plastic stalk which is part of the body of the wheel and this will have to be removed to fit a different QR and our kit.

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18/05/2018 12:30
McLaren Conversion

Yes i want to order the conversion, i want to order the kit without cutting the wheel.

18/05/2018 13:10
Mclaren Conversion

I too would like to order/pre-order the conversion kit. The kit without cutting the wheel would be preferred as well. I think most consumers in the end would prefer a solution that wont have the user possibly making a permanent mistake to a 170 dollar wheel. (Even if it means waiting for a bit for you guys to perfect your solution) Simon and his colleagues do an amazing job with the solutions they produce. Much appreciation for your efforts.

18/05/2018 21:10
McLaren Conversion

Yes i want to order the No cutting conversion kit and panel mount option usb lead and would like to order/pre-order

18/05/2018 22:42
Cut it!!!

I don’t mind cutting a $170 Wheel.  In my eyes that relatively cheap in the world of steering wheels.  if done right it won’t matter at the end of the day. I don’t use Fanatec anymore.  If you need a wheel for testing etc I’m willing to send my Wheel.  Email sent !

19/05/2018 08:28
Mclaren Conversion

I would like to order the non cut version.
I have between 30-60 mm of extention on all my wheels already, and the possebility to make further 50 mm of adjustment on my rig.

23/05/2018 09:13
Brilliant solution

Another great solution for people looking to use their Fanatec rims with a DD base. Its very neat, adds very little length to the QR (I was concerned about this) and works brilliantly. Coupled with the Q1R its rock solid even on the big Midge!

Great service and support from Simon as well