Fanatec McLaren GT3

Our conversion works perfectly with the McLaren V1 wheel providing the wheel firmware is not higher than V25 (from the 311 drivers)

The McLaren V2 wheel recently released by Fanatec does not work with any of out conversions yet.  We hope to be able to get things working soon if we can.  We have the wheel here and it is a great improvement especially the shifters but they have changed the way the PCB works quite a lot.

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Wheel Base side Conversion kit

For Direct Drive with the Fanatec Male QR

QR Adapter for Fanatec New Style QR

Allows fitting a different QR to a Fanatec wheel or using the newer style Fanatec QR on a normal wheel.

Conversion to USB kit

Our latest version conversion kits for Fanatec wheels

Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Converted to USB

A brand new wheel from Fanatec converted to USB