Fanatec McLaren GT3 Wheel Converted to USB

Fully converted brand new wheel
Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines

Select the type of conversion.  

Standard does not damage the wheel and the QR is about 40mm from the back of the wheel.

The short conversion is only about 15mm from the back of the wheel.


Please state which QR you will be using.


Choose which type of USB cable.


3 x McLaren wheels in stock

We will buy a brand new McLaren GT3 wheel from Fanatec and then convert it to USB for you. It takes 2-3 working days to get the wheel and ship it out to you.

The conversion can be removed at any time and the wheel put back to it's original state.

Before converting the wheel will updated to the latest Fanatec firmware. We also solder the shifter plates inside the wheel to prevent movement and help stop missed shifts.

If you purchase a QR or spacer from us with the wheel we will fit it to the wheel for you.

The standard conversion mounts the QR about 40mm from the back of the wheel and does not damage the wheel.  The conversion can be completly removed.  If you want the conversion to be closer to the wheel, we can cut the wheel so that the QR only sits about 15mm from the back of the wheel.

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