McLaren GT3 V1 Wheel conversion to USB

Send us your McLaren wheel and we will convert it to USB for you.

Please tell us which QR you will be using.


Choose which type of USB cable.


We will convert your McLaren wheel to work via USB by adding a conversion kit to the wheel.  The conversion will allow the wheel to have a non Fanatec Quick release added.

Following the conversion you will have access to all of the buttons, shifters, Clutch paddles and rotaries via a generic windows game controller.  No software or drivers are required.  You can also use the display via Fanaleds.

If you purchase a Quick Release with your order we will fit it for you.

Some Quick releases need to be fitted to the conversion before it is attached to the wheel, so we may ask that you send your QR with the wheel.  This gernerally applies to QRs that have threaded mounting holes, like the AccuForce / B-G / NRG/ Thomconcept

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