Conversion Kit for McLaren V1 GT3 Wheel

A conversion kit to enable your Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel to be used with a USB cable and attached to a direct drive wheel base.
Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines
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Please tell us which QR you will be using.


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We are delighted to be able to add the conversion kit for the Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel to our shop.

This kit only works on the V1 McLaren wheel from Fanatec.  It does not currently work on the new V2 version.  We have received the new version and Fanatec has changed the PCB enough to prevent the current kit from working.  We are trying to work out if a firmware update can get it working.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CONVERSION DOES NOT WORK WITH THE V30 WHEEL FIRMWARE - Wheels are shipping with v23 or v25 currently from Fanatec so it's only an issue if you flash the wheel with the latest Fanatec software. If you have a wheel with V30 it needs to be flashed back to an earlier version via a Fanatec wheel base.

The conversion is made up of the following components.

* Base plate to bolt to the McLaren wheel

* Aluminium spacer

* Our conversion kit

Everything will arrive with you bolted together and ready to attach to your wheel.  You will need to open the wheel and remove the standard cable, replacing it with the cable from the conversion kit.  Instructions will be added here shortly.

With the conversion done you can use your wheel via a USB connection to the PC or a hub and have full control of the buttons, shifters, knobs and clutch paddles.

The clutch paddles can be use as hand controls, two seperate clutches or a clutch with bite point.

Please see the firmware creators notes on using the rotaries and clutch paddles here

The conversion kit will accept most QR's or can be bolted direct to a 70mm PCD wheel base.  Please let us know which QR you are using because some require threaded holes and others need the bolts to pass through the conversion kit, so we will need to drill the threads out for you.

QR is not included with the KIT we ask what QR you will be using so we can provide the kit ready to accept your QR

* Q1R 70mm

* Q1R 50mm

* AccuForce / B-G / NRG (Requires pass through)

* Thomconcept (Requires pass through)

* Go Race

* Sparco

Fitting instructions Click Here

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