Magnetic Shifter Cable Adapter

Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines
Availability: In stock

Want to use the Fanatec Magnetic shifters on your older style Fanatec wheel?

We cannot believe that Fanatec decided to only supply thier new shifters with a 6 pin plug and therefore only make them compatible with the newer wheels!!

This simple adapter converts the 6 pin to the older style 2 pin plug.

Although they are simple they take us time to make, so sorry they cannot be cheaper.

If there is demand we will gladly publish the parts and what you need to do.  Please ask if you want this info.

We have not tried fitting the shifters to any wheels yet, but will be trying them on the Formula e-sports, Carbon and Black together with the BMW and Porsche 918.

This is for a pair of adapters so enough for a set of the shifters.

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If anyone wants to make these themselves the following parts are needed

  • Molex Pico-spox 6 pin male plug 1.5mm pich CLICK HERE
  • JST 2.0mm PH 2-Pin female plug to go to the wheel like this CLICK HERE

Wire like this, it does not matter which way round the red / black wires go.

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