Fanatec Formula V2 Wheel conversion Kit

Conversion for the Formula V2, F1 2018 and F1 2019 wheels
Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines
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At last we have a conversion kit for the latest Fanatec Formula wheels that offers full functionallity.  Thanks go to Leo Bodnar for the electronics.

The conversion kit will work on the following wheels

  •  Formula V2
  •  Formula F1 2018 Limited Edition
  •  Formula F1 2019 Limited Edition
  •  F1 (Blue) wheel supplied with the Podium PS4

The conversion currently enables the following to work.

  •  All wheel buttons
  •  Toggle switches
  •  Grip side rotaries
  •  Standard shifters or our carbon shifters
  •  Hat switch
  •  Joystick
  •  Rotary switches (Software required)
  •  Rev LED's using Fanaleds
  •  Display using Fanaleds
  •  Podium shifter upgrade paddles
  •  Podium shifter upgrade clutches
  •  Wheel rumble using Fanaleds

The Poduim addon clutch paddles work as 2 seperate clutches and are ideal as clutches or hand controls for throttle and brake.

The conversion kit will come with everything you need to convert the wheel.

  •  Electronics to make the wheel work via USB
  •  Mounting plate to the back of the wheel
  •  Coiled USB Cable
  •  Mounting adapter for fitting a 70mm or 50.8mm Quick release, spacer or bolting direct.
  •  No drilling or soldering needed.

Fitting instructions Click Here


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