Fanatec Formula V2 full wheel conversions now available

29 September 2019

Thanks to Leo Bodnar, we are now able to offer a full conversion service for the Fanatec Formula V2 wheels.

The conversion works perfectly and uses the Rev LED's and the display.

The only thing that does not work currently is the Podium shifter clutch and secondary shifter.

We have added three types of conversion to the shop today.

  • Purchase a ready to go wheel - Wheel supplied and converted ready to go.
  • Send us your wheel and we will convert it for you
  • Purchase our DIY kit which you will bolt to the wheel yourself.

The conversions work with

  • Formula V2
  • F1 2018 LE (Yellow)
  • F1 2019 LE (Silver)
  • F1 PS4 (Blue)

You can buy the basic PCB from Leo Bodnar direct... we offer the full conversion package including all the mounting parts to use a non Fanatec Quick Release and USB cable.  There is no soldering or drilling required.


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30/09/2019 12:17
F1 2018 LE (Yellow)

Interested in purchasing complete F1 2018 LE (Yellow) USB. Are these available?

05/01/2020 19:42
Podium or ClubSport wheel to Wheel Base side Conversion

I have the Wheel Base side Fanatec conversion kit I bought from you a year ago. Question is if I buy Fanatec’s Podium Porsche 911 GT3 R wheel how much work (paddle shifters, buttons, turn keys) is it worth buying the Podium (and maybe waiting for a update)  or should I go for the ClubSport