Fanatec Formula V2 Converted to USB

A brand new wheel from Fanatec converted to USB

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The Fanatec Formula V2 wheel converted to USB

2 x Wheels in stock

We will supply a brand new wheel from Fanatec and convert it to USB for you. If we don't have stock we will order a wheel from Fanatec EU, it takes 3-5 days to get it.

Thanks to conversion PCB from Leo Bodnar the conversion currently enables the following to work.

  •  All wheel buttons
  •  Toggle switches
  •  Grip side rotaries
  •  Standard shifters or our carbon shifters
  •  Hat switch
  •  Joystick
  •  Rotary switches (Software required)
  •  Rev LED's using Fanaleds
  •  Display using Fanaleds
  •  Podium shifter upgrade paddles
  •  Podium shifter upgrade clutches
  •  Wheel rumble using Fanaleds


The Poduim addon clutch paddles work as 2 seperate clutches and are ideal as clutches or hand controls for throttle and brake.

We sell a wide range of Quick Releases.  The wheel will come ready to fit a QR or bolt directly onto your Wheel Base.  If you purchase a QR at the same time we will fit it for you.

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A brand new wheel from Fanatec converted to USB