Fanatec Formula V2 Base Side Kit

Use your Formula V2 wheel without modifying it.
Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines

Choose which type of USB cable.


This kit allows the Formula V2 wheels to work via USB without having to modify the wheel.

The kit requires that to have the Sim Racing Bay Male Fanatec QR

These are specialist kits and require quite a lot of work.  They can be used with other wheels but you will have to flash the firmware between the standard wheels and the Formula V2.

To make this kit we take one of Leo Bodnar's Fanatec conversion PCB's and cut it to reduce it's size.  The PCB is then fitted into our base side kit using a 3D printed adapter.  We have to alter our Wheel pin plug so that it has an extra pin.

These are made to order - so there will be a 2 day delay from order to shipping.

The conversion kit will work on the following wheels

  • Formula V2
  • Formula F1 2018 Limited Edition
  • Formula F1 2019 Limited Edition
  • Formula F1 2020 Limited Edition
  • F1 (Blue) wheel supplied with the Podium PS4

The conversion currently enables the following to work.

  • All wheel buttons
  • Toggle switches
  • Grip side rotaries
  • Standard shifters or our carbon shifters
  • Hat switch
  • Joystick
  • Rotary switches (Software required)
  • Rev LED's using Fanaleds
  • Display using Fanaleds
  • Podium shifter upgrade paddles
  • Podium shifter upgrade clutches No Bite Point Function)
  • Wheel rumble using Fanaleds
  • Flag LED's (Side LED's) DO NOT WORK

The Poduim addon clutch paddles work as 2 seperate clutches and are ideal as clutches or hand controls for throttle and brake.

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