Fanatec Formula Rim conversion to USB

Use your Fanatec wheel on other bases especially direct drive.

Choose which type of USB cable.


Please tell us which QR you will be using.


This is a service we can offer.

Send us your Fanatec Formula Wheel Rim and we will convert it to USB and fit your mounting or Quick Release.

The service includes...

* Changing the electronics of the wheel to work as a USB device.

* Supply and fit a quality coiled USB cable to the wheel.

* Supply and fit an adapter for your chosen mounting or Quick Release.

* Fit your mounting or Quick Release

* Check and clean the wheel before returning.

This conversion is ideal for direct drive and we recomend it for the AccuForce, Bodnar Sim Steering system and Custom built OSW.

Our mounting solutions will accept a 70mm or 50mm mounting with either 6 or 3 holes.  Common mountings are the AccuForce QR and the Q1R system, but we can fit just about anything.

We can arange to supply an new Fanatec wheel or look for a used one for you if you don't already have one.

We are also happy to source and supply a quick release if you don't already have one.  We can supply AccuForce (with or without slip ring electronics) and the Q1R

If you have any questions, please just ask.

You will be contacted with our address for sending your wheel rim to once a purchase is completed.

Please note: We remove the Fanatec Quick Release from the wheel.  This is not returned, we keep it to use with our Emulator product.  This helps keep the fitting charge low for converting your wheel.

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Use your Fanatec wheel on other bases especially direct drive.