Fanatec CSW base wheel emulator

Use any wheel on the Fanatec base and enable Force Feedback
Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines
Availability: Out of stock

Currently only working on the CSW 2.5 and Podium DD1 and DD2 bases with any reliability.  May work on other bases but we cannot guarante that it will.

By default the Fanatec CSW and Podium wheel bases will not have any force feedback unless a Fanatec steering wheel is attached.  This kit will emulate a Fanatec Porsche wheel and therefore enable Force Feedback.

The kit does not currently have any button control, it just makes the wheel base think there is a Fanatec wheel attached.  We hope to be able to expand functionally via a Firmware update in the future to allow you connect a few buttons / shifters.

The kit does not require any power or connection to a USB cable (Unless to update firmware) so it is plug in and play.

You do need to have the Fanatec QR male electronics plug, so this is not compatable with the Black QR that Fanatec sell as that does not have any elctronic connectors.  You must use a CSW QR as supplied on the Formula, BMW, Porsche and Universal Hub.


We know it seems expensive... The kit requires the higher spec Teensy 3.2 board which is double the price of the cheaper LC.

Fanatec Podium DD1 and DD2...

The emulator does work, but you need to be able to control the Podium display because it asks questions when connected.  We are looking at firmware to work this out and are also developing a button addition to allow you to control the display and therefore the Podium settings.  The plan is to have the setup button and the hat switch.

This is now sorted and the emulator works on the Podium wheel base.

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