EU Customers and Brexit

19 January 2021

I HAVE REMOVED UPS FOR NOW FOR EU SHIPMENTS - UPS are in a mess and there are very long delays.

EU Shipping update 11th Feb 2021

I am very sorry but I have had to remove Parcelforce / GLS and UPS standard from shipping options.  Both methods have turned out to be disaters following Brexit with so many massive delays and losses.  I cannot afford to keep resending or refunding customers and having my reputation tarnished.  So I am sorry, but shipping in the EU is by DHL and FedEx only for now - both of these are air based services and seem to be working very well.

Now we are into January the full effects of Brexit are becoming clearer.

In summary, the Brexit agreement means there are no Import Duties between the EU and UK, but you will be charged your countries VAT and a brokerage fee by the courier.

These Broker fees are a nightmare and seem very high.  UPS, DHL and FedEx are all charging about 15 Euro just to handle the VAT.

I have been working with the Couriers I use to try and reduce these fees.  The only way I can get them reduced is if I charge you and pay the courier when I book the shipping.  This means you must use the "Customs Paid" shipping products that I have added.  It will be more expensive for you unless you are VAT registered to choose the normal shipping and the parcel will take longer to arrive.

  • Parcelforce / GLS fee is only £5.
  • FedEx fee is being negotiated but may end up as zero.
  • UPS will not negotiate so no difference.
  • DHL are coming back to me to try and help.

Add to Brexit the Covid-19 situation and I recommend that you use an Express or Priority service which is by Air.  The Economy and standard services are very slow at the moment as they travel by road.

I hope all this helps.  I want to keep supplying you guys in the EU and am working hard to try and make it as easy as possible.

Simon Maltby

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