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SRM Fanatec Wheel Emulator

Fitted with New Style Red Fanatec Quick Release.

Our Emulator makes the Fanatec wheel base think that a Fanatec wheel rim is attached. If the Fanatec wheel base does not see a Fanatec wheel attached force feed back is not enabled.

These are likely to be out of stock quite often as we only get the Quick Release when we convert a brand new Formula V2 wheel.

This product works with. these Fanatec wheel bases...

  • Podium DD1 and DD2
  • CSW all versions 1, 2 and 2.5
  • CSL Elite Xbox and PS4 versions
  • Older CSL

I have not been able to test in Xbox and PS4 mode but as you would not have the buttons it's really only going to be useful in PC mode.

The PCB has a few pin headers that can be used for limited buttons.

  • Left and right shifters
  • Setup button
  • Hat switch (Up, Down, Left and Right)
  • Hat switch press
  • Joystick press

The buttons and shifter functionallity requires that you wire to the emulator yourself.  All we provide are the pin headers.

Pin layout and connections can be found here SRM Fanatec Emulator pins