EasyFit SC2 Base adapter

Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines

This product allows you to use our EasyFit plate or bolt on a 70mm PCD QR to the SC2 wheel base.

Our plate has 3 countersunk bolts to allow you to connect to the standard SC2 base side motor shaft mounting.

There are then 6 x M5 threaded bolt holes to allow attaching a 70mm PCD QR

Also there are 4 M4 threaded holes for our EasyFit system, so you can bolt a wheel directly to the wheel base.

Made from thick Aluminium that is Black anodised with an excellent finish.

Please be aware that there is a small alteration to these parts because the 3 mounting holes for the SC2 base are very slightly out... These holes are drilled a little too big to compensate for this.  The parts work perfectly.  The next batch will have this properly corrected.

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