DIY - Conversion kits to fit yourself

Fanatec wheel conversions to USB


Which kit do I need?

What's the difference between the kits?

I have now managed to get all of the conversion kits to use the same electronics, so they all can work with the same Fanatec wheels.  The main difference is how they attach to the wheel and the wheel PCB.

All of the kits now use the same firmware, so when I publish a firmware upgrade it can be applied to all of the current conversion kits. 5x, 5x lite and 6x

5x Lite

This kit is for older Fanatec wheels that use the older Quick Release.  The conversion kit comes with connections for 12 pin and 8 pin wheel PCB's.  The kit bolts to the wheel from inside, so you have to open the wheel to fit it.


The 5x kit is for the newer Fanatec wheels where they use the QR1 Quick Release (either Plastic or Metal).  The kit comes with connections for both the 12 pin HY and 12 pin PH plugs on the wheel PCB.  You have to open the wheel to fit the conversion kit.


The 6x is my newest kit and it works with the newer wheels that use the QR1.  This is the simplest to fit as you do not need to open the wheel, the kit just pushes onto the Male pins on the wheel.

Base Side 

This kit uses a 5x PCB and is designed to attach to your wheelbase rather than the wheel.  It uses the Sim Racing Bay male QR and has female pins.  Once fitted to your wheelbase you just use it like a Fanatec wheelbase.  There is no conversion needed to your Fanatec wheels.  Just push them on and thats it.

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