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Wheel Base side Fanatec conversion kit

For Direct Drive with the Fanatec Male QR
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These are hand made conversion kits to go between the male Fanatec QR and the motor shaft mounting plate on a direct drive wheel.

Ideally suited for the Sim Racing Bay OSW product with the optional Fanatec male QR

Sim Racing Bay

Male Fanatec or Sim Racing Bay QR is NOT included, you must either have already or source your own.

This kit basically allows you to connect any Fanatec CSW wheel to your direct drive system without any modification to the wheels themselves.  The electrical connection in the male QR will feed a signal to a Teensy LC board in the conversion kit.  A coiled USB cable then connects from the kit to the PC.

Just like our wheel conversion kits, this product will enable all of the features in the Fanatec wheel to work as a USB device.  So you will have access to all of the buttons, shifters, hat switch, toggle switch, rotary, LED's and display.  Even the rumble will work.

The USB cable can be replaced if it should wear out.

Fitting instructions - Click here


Please tell me what male QR you have as differnt versions require different mountings.

  • Sim Racing Bay's QR from March 2017 includes the mounting holes for the female connector.
  • Sim Racing Bay's QR prior to March 2017 just has a narrow ledge to connect the female connector to.  This is more complex to fit and requires careful alignment.
  • Genuine Fanatec QR (Direct from Fanatec or taken from a CSW wheel base).  This requires an additional mounting plate which is why there is an additional charge.

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