Wheel Base side Conversion kit

For Direct Drive with the Fanatec Male QR
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Spare coiled USB Cable and Female wheel plug

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High quality conversion kit for Fanatec wheels

This kit allows many Fanatec wheels to work via USB without having to modify them.  It attaches between the motor and a Male Fanate Style QR allowing you to attach your wheels in the same way you would on a Fanatec wheel base.

The kit requires that to have the Sim Racing Bay Male Fanatec QR (Please select it as an option if you do not already have one)

The conversion uses our own custom PCB which we attach to our housing and the electical signals pass through the wheel QR pins.

Made from high quality Aluminium which is machined, sandblasted and then Anodised to a beutiful finish.

Supplied with

  • Kit (PCB and Aluminium enclosure)
  • Coiled USB cable
  • Female QR plug using gold plated automotive grade pins
  • Aluminium QR plug mount
  • Steel QR plug washer
  • 5 x M4 bolts for QR plug
  • 6 x M5 45mm long black oxide bolts
  • 6 x M5 black washers
  • 6 x M5 black nylock nuts

The conversion kit will work on the following wheels

  • Formula Black
  • Formula Carbon
  • Formula ESPORTS
  • BMW GT2
  • Porsche 918 RSR
  • Universal Hub
  • Universal Hub XBox Edition
  • CSL P1
  • CSL P1 Elite Xbox (Not PS4)
  • McLaren GT3 V1 Wheel firmware 25 or lower


  • F1 2018 LE
  • F1 2019 LE
  • F1 2020 LE
  • Blue PS4 F1 Wheel
  • Formula V2
  • Podium Hub
  • Universal hub with the Porsche 911 addon
  • McLaren GT3 V2 
  • WRC

Using the conversion kit

Using this kit changes the way the wheels are recognised so you cannot use Fanatec software including FANALAB.  You use the Free FANALEDS software with the conversion kit to work LED's, Display and rumble functions.  Buttons and shifters use standard Windows drivers.

Fitting instructions - Click here
Customer supplied fitting video in French  - Click here 
Download links


Fanatec has asked us to say that they are unable to warranty their wheels that have been used on this kit or with a high torque OSW because they cannot guarantee that either will not damage their wheels.  If you purchase and use this kit from us you cannot make any warranty claim for damage to your Fanatec wheels... you use it at your own risk.  Purchasing the kit confirms that you accept this.  Please do not try and abuse their trust by attempting to make a claim.

We reserve the right to change the colour of the supplied bolts depending on availability.
The Sim Racing Bay Male QR is made to the highest tollerence, unlike Fanatec wheel side QR's.  Some old Fanatec wheels may be tight on the QR but it is very rare to have a wheel that will not go on sucessfully.
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