Custom LMP / F1 wheel

Our ultimate product
Manufacturer: Sim Racing Machines

A custom made wheel.

Available only by request.

This wheel is made from real multi layer carbon fiber sheet material. The grips are standard Fanatec Formula wheel grips so can be replaced if they wear out.

The carbon fiber is CNC machined with a 5mm thick (pure carbon fiber) front plate and a 3mm back plate.

Designed to accept a 70mm PCD mounting or quick release.  There are three bolts that go right through the front and back plates and then mount directly to the QR. This gives the wheel excellent ridgidity and strength.

There are 7 Knitter buttons, a hat switch / rotary encoder and 3 x 12 position rotary switches on the wheel... all of the highest quality.

Our own snap action gear shifters are mounted, but the wheel can be used with any other shifters if required.

A Leo Bodnar SLI-F1 display handles all of the electronics.  So you have a centre gear display and then a left and right panel.  The rev LED's are mounted behind frosted acrylic and the display is behind smoke grey or red tinted acrylic all of which is carefully inset into the carbon fibre.

The wheel can accept Martin Ascher's clutch paddles for either hand controls or as clutch / launch control. 

Please contact us if interested but we don't make many as they are very hard work and time consuming.


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