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Our coiled cables are now available in a variety of styles.

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The cables specification:

  • 4 cores shielded with both wire and foil.
  • 24 AWG White & Green wires
  • 22 AWG Red & Black wires
  • Outer diameter 5mm
  • Coil is 25cm long and 10mm Inner diameter.

There is a 10cm long straight part on one end and a 20cm straight part on the other end.  The USB A plug is on the 20cm straight end.  If selecting DIN then the USB A plug is replaced by a high-quality DIN connector.

Please note the USB 3.0 Male B cable is not a USB 3.0 Cable the Male A end is only USB 2.0

Also these are not certified USB 2.0 cables - They are made to the above specification and work perfectly on all of our devices.

DIN connector is compatible with precision Sim Engineering and Leo Bodnar.

If ordering a DIN coiled cable, you must either have, or order the straight DIN cable as well.

The cable has a great feel and is very hard waring.  They have been custom made to our specification.

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