About us

Thank you for visiting my shop. 

My name is Simon Richard Maltby, I own and run Sim Racing Machines from a small office located in rural UK on the Somerset levels. 

The office is an outbuilding at my home which used to be a cow shed. It is now half office space and half workshop.

Simon Maltby Office 

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SRM was started in 2014 and has built a great reputation in the sim racing community.

I run the business myself and do not have any employees, I do everything from design, manufacture to shipping.  This allows me to keep high standards and full control over everything.  I have no plans to become a big business, I enjoy what I do and just want to keep offering great products and support.

The advantage for my customers of me being a one-man business, is that you get a personal service from a fellow sim racer.  I treat people the way I would like to be treated myself. The downside it that sometimes I can get very busy and struggle to keep up.  It also means that when I take a holiday there is no support available.

The office is packed with stock. I hate being out of stock, so invest in enough materials and parts to try and hold stock on the shelf.

Shelf products

I have various machines in the workshop including a CNC machine, 1950's lathe and a few 3D printers. I use the machinery for a few parts and prototypes but most of my parts are designed, by me using Fusion 360 and Eagle, before getting them made by a collection of manufacturers. I have worked very hard to build up a list of suppliers that give the best quality parts.



 ECO Friendly

Although sim racing equipment is not the most environmentally friendly, I do try to do my bit where I can.

Where possible I use recyclable packaging.  Many products are supplied in a tin that can be reused. I only use paper packaging tape with natural glue.  The office has solar panels which produce enough power to run the day-to-day work and workshop.  I also reuse and recycle packaging that I receive.


I would love to welcome you as a customer.  Please browse the shop and ask if you need any help

Simon Maltby